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Clarence King Ada Copeland and Passing Strange by Martha Sandweiss

I write about history, but was remiss and I should know better.  Therefore, I am apologizing to Princeton Professor Martha Sandweiss for not mentioning her and her book, Passing Strange.  She was the first person to explore this relationship, which … Continue reading

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A House Divided Cannot Stand.

A House Divided Cannot Stand.  You have Abraham Lincoln giving that amazing speech.  The subject came up today when I asked my friend Jillian about what she would do if she were President.  (She would make it could one, just … Continue reading

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Philosophy and the Civil War.

Another thing I learned from David P. Goldman‘s book about Civilizations dying.  What makes the United States different? Well the United States is united by an idea.  The idea is buying into changing your life and self improvement. The Pilgrims … Continue reading

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Lincoln The Movie. Abraham Lincoln and Thaddeus Stevens.

Last Saturday, when I went to see Lincoln the Movie, I enjoyed the performance of Tommy Lee Jones as Pennsylvania Congressman Thaddeus Stevens.  Stevens was a master of wordplay in his debates and speeches on the floor of the House … Continue reading

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Lincoln The Movie, Which Book Was It Based On?

The book is Team of Rivals, by Harvard historian Doris Kearns Goodwin.  The movie was adapted from it. When I read the book Lincoln and The Russians about the Russian Ambassador to Washington during the war (Eduard de Stoeckl), I … Continue reading

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