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Another Day On New York City Transit.

New York City Transit Speak:  If you can understand, a New York City transit announcement, the speaker hasn’t learned the code yet.  It is supposed to sound like the adults in Peanuts cartoons. Elevators in the Subway:  With the heat, … Continue reading

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Updated Genealogy Quest.

Yesterday, we went to the Mormon Research Library. broke the results farther.  Elaine was able to go farther with her work.  She was able to trace her father’s ancestor coming from Scotland to Prince Edward Island to Boston.  Her … Continue reading

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Remind Me Again, Why We Have Cats II

Elaine read my why we have cats.  She said, “Because dogs have to be walked, we would lose all this entertainment and we don’t have to pay for school and weddings.  Plus, studies show having a pet lowers blood pressure … Continue reading

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