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Writing a Book about Rwanda

Starting next month, I am helping a work buddy write his memoirs about leaving Rwanda, during the 1994 war.  I will have my questions, What questions would you like to ask?   If any duplication, please excuse, I am updating the … Continue reading

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My DNA Journey, What I’ve Learned So Far.

This is a chance to catch up.  I have had my DNA results from for one month now.  I’m looking forward to the journey ahead. There are still more answers to discover.  Much of what I can figure out … Continue reading

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DNA Journey Uses and Abuses.

As with anything else there are good sides to the DNA journey and bad sides. Good sides, besides being fun, eventually can try other things to check on health. Bad side.  Anti-Semites can now say we are a race.  Well … Continue reading

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Life of Brian Continued: A Silly Look at Ashkenazi Jewish Beginnings.

Those who know me know of my love for things Monty Python.  While I’ve been tracing my family background, and DNA, I’ve been doing more research on things Jewish. Let’s go back to Life of Brian.  Besides being a clever … Continue reading

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My Response to Dan Rob A Spiritual Genocide. The Future of Jews in the United States

A Spiritual Genocide OCTOBER 17, 2013, 5:06 PM 14 Share33 Email Print Share BLOGGER Dan RobDan Rob is a Bostonian falafel-aficionado and COO of, a start-up striving to be the ultimate virtual office. His … [More] Follow or contact: RSS Website BLOGS … Continue reading

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American Football Team Choices

Baseball is the sport I was raised with.  I was around people who followed football, but it wasn’t followed in the home I grew up in. The team I followed in childhood was the New York Jets.  Ah, the days … Continue reading

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Eastern Europeans.

When I received my DNA from Ancestry.Com.  I found out I am 2% undetermined, and 23% Eastern European.  I will start with the 2% undetermined.  A friend, had her DNA tested by both Ancestry.Com and the National Geographic Genome Project. … Continue reading

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Today, my dna kit from arrived.  I followed the instructions.  I could legitimately spit and not be arrested or just be disgusting.  Into the test tube and off it goes.  I will let people know in six weeks what … Continue reading

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