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Ukraine Update.

Henry Kissinger and the German Defense Minister were on Fareed Zakaria today.  This is from the CNN transcripts and Fareed’s interview with them.  No comment needed from me, I can be sarcastic in another.   (END VIDEO CLIP)ZAKARIA: Late last … Continue reading

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Marines Arresting Boko Haram

Click on CNN for the interview of the girl who escaped  Click on U.S. Marines for that article.    I also watched Fareed Zakaria.  He had on Nicholas Kristof and Eliza Griswold(I am ordering her book The Tenth Parallel from … Continue reading

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Josef Joffe and Why America Will Stay on Top.

This is another recommendation from Fareed Zakaria of CNN.    I just finished his book, The Myth of America’s Decline. Maybe, we need to feel we are in jeopardy, so we can be motivated to achieve.  Not saying we don’t have … Continue reading

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