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Is the United States an Oligarchy?

Click on Telegraph to read the article in the British newspaper.  Is the United States an oligarchy?  Click on Wikipedia, where we are listed as one. From the study mentioned in the Telegraph and in Wikipedia, you can say, the … Continue reading

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French Sitcoms in Brooklyn?

French sitcoms in Brooklyn?  I read about this in the New York Times.  The show is called Brooklyn Taxi.  Who wouldda thunk lol!       I am proud I come from Brooklyn.  One American in seven has a Brooklyn … Continue reading

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The Chosen Few II. Some of My Interpretations.

Yesterday, I wrote about the book The Chosen Few Here is the broken down premise.  Universal male literacy was desired in the community.  You are a poor farmer.  Farming in that era, doesn’t require literacy.  Do you pay for your … Continue reading

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Best Florist Sign Ever.

This was a picture on Facebook.  In my romance novel An Affair of the Heart, I have a tough Parisian florist, Madame Tran.  I ma do more with her.     Jimmy took his taxi down to Rue St. Honore … Continue reading

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David Goldman How Civilizations Die, The Thirty Years War.

I remember learning about the Thirty Years War in Europe as a basic Catholic vs. Protestant.  The argument David P. Goldman makes in How Civilizations Die is more complex.  Two churchmen, who helped to build the French state were Cardinal … Continue reading

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Pour mes lecteurs français.

Vous remercier à mes lecteurs français aujourd’hui. S’il vous plaît me permettre de savoir que vous lisez sur le blog et me dites que vous êtes en intéressé.

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Dominique Strauss-Kahn. Screwed.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn missed his opportunity to be elected President and screw France.  He tried to screw a maid in a Manhattan hotel and was screwed there.  Now he tried setting other people up to be screwed and got screwed.  All … Continue reading

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