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My REAL Thomas Jefferson Crush!

My REAL Thomas Jefferson Crush!.  From my friend Tereza.  I have to agree, Thomas Jefferson, a great man.

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What I Have Learned So Far Abroad

What I Have Learned So Far Abroad.  This is a look at a young lady, who is studying to be a historian about her life as an American, going to school in Lithuania. It is a great view of Eastern … Continue reading

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Holocaust Remembrance Days

Holocaust Remembrance Days.  From my friend Tereza, and remember, it isn’t just Jews, but no one should be harmed in this way, if there is ANY way something can be done to prevent it.  I wish we could do something … Continue reading

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Why Did You Leave Ireland?

  This is an interview I did with my friend Loretto Horrigan Leary.  I have a link to another interview with her on the bottom of this piece.  The Irish Diaspora has been covered heavily, but I am trying to … Continue reading

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Welcome to My Friend, Drea Becraft

A Fathers Involvement Blog by Drea Becraft Recently I have become the only mother at my daughters bus stop in the morning.  I know what you are thinking no big deal, right?  You see I am the only mother out … Continue reading

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