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You’ll get some history, with me analyzing and connecting dots.  You’ll also get my sarcasm, free of charge. No doubt, you’ve read and seen many news stories about what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 12th, 2017.       This is … Continue reading

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American Football Team Choices

Baseball is the sport I was raised with.  I was around people who followed football, but it wasn’t followed in the home I grew up in. The team I followed in childhood was the New York Jets.  Ah, the days … Continue reading

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House of Cards, U.S. Style.

Having Netflix on my computer has been great fun, while I was sick.  I saw the original British House of Cards, with Sir Ian Richardson.  I enjoyed House of Cards, United States style with Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright. I … Continue reading

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Susi Baldwin, Obituary.

This is from the Miami Herald.  Said better than I could have.  Now you can really get to know what this incredible person was like.  Wished I could have interviewed her in more detail about some of her experiences.  I … Continue reading

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Susi Baldwin and the Election.

I missed Susi on Tuesday.  We would’ve been analyzing the election top to bottom. Working for Close Up, Susi met all sorts of people in politics.  She was great at analyzing what went on.  She advised me not to go … Continue reading

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Susi Baldwin January 22, 1947-October 27, 2012 Rest in Peace

I received the news that she died yesterday.  I knew this was coming, but it doesn’t make it any easier.  I didn’t just lose a boss and friend.  I lost a big sister, who enjoyed telling stories, giving me advice and guidance. … Continue reading

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Setting Up Susi Baldwin’s Computer

I was I’Ming Susi today, and thought back to 1999, when she got her first computer. I was on one of my many visits to Washington, D.C. and staying with a Toastmasters friend in Olney, Maryland.   One day, I … Continue reading

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