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Tuesday Tales January 15th, 2013, Theme: Winter Picture.

It’s nice to be up here with friends, but by golly I am cold.  Luckily, the company is congenial.  At least there is a warm fire here.  Thank goodness.  If it wasn’t for the company, I do not travel into … Continue reading

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Tuesday Tales, November 20, 2012, The Thanksgiving Setting.

This is making me nostalgic.  I remember many formal Thanksgiving settings and all sorts of people coming.  One Thanksgiving was spent at the home of the woman I was dating.  I made a fool of myself saying how much I … Continue reading

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Tuesday Tales, November 13th, 2012. Beauty and Brains.

I need to go into Naughty Philosopher mode here.  Is beauty and brains better than beauty and NO brains.  The Naughty Philosopher can only give a resounding YES to that emotion. The statement is probably trite, but should be repeated. … Continue reading

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Tuesday Tales, October 23rd, 2012 Theme Spooky House.

The Addams family lives at 415 Gallows Tree Road.  The neighbors kept their distance from the Addams.’  One new home buyer on the block was not so passive.  Melissa Edwards moved to this small town from San Francisco.  Haunted my … Continue reading

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Tuesday Tales October 9th, 2012. Theme Knife.

Nathan “Quicksilver” Silver started at age eight robbing pushcarts.  His hands were quick for stealing from the pushcarts and being down the street before anyone could catch him. He learned crime before he got to Brooklyn’s Brownsville neighborhood.    He … Continue reading

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Tuesday Tales, September 25th, 2012, Theme Finger.

Gina is five foot two, her husband John six foot.  Gina angrily jabbed her index finger into John’s chest. ” Thirty years of marriage  our kids, and they mean nothin?  You threw it away to sleep with that puttana Anne … Continue reading

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Tuesday Tales, September 18th, 2012, A Toast to You.

I am so grateful, you decided to meet me for dinner. You presence makes me feel like a winner. I’ve been looking forward to this meeting for so long. I kept hoping you would say yes, dear Bess. I feel you playing … Continue reading

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