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Downton Abbey The British Ambassador to the United States Weighs In.

Sir Peter Westmacott is the British Ambassador to the United States.  This is his chance to weigh in on Downton Abbey.  Those Downton Abbey folks get around.  Didn’t think you could move a stately manor that easily.  Sorry, this is … Continue reading

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Saguaro Romance Writers November 17th, 2012. Smashwords Marketing Rep. Jim Azevedo.

Today, at Saguaro Romance Writers, we were fortunate to have the Marketing Rep. of Smashwords electronic books, Jim Azevedo. I’ll be writing more about the details of the meeting and the exciting evolving world about electronic publishing in a future … Continue reading

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The Amboy Dukes

I first read it in high school.  I just finished reading it as research for writing a gangland book using Murder Incorporated. The book, written by Irving Shulman in the late 40’s is about Brownsville Brooklyn.  The Amboy Dukes are … Continue reading

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October 27, 2012 Saguaro Romance Writers Meeting, Agent Miriam Kriss

    Miriam Kriss is with the Irene Goodman Literary Agency.  Please see the following blurb about her from the Irene Goodman Agency. Miriam Kriss joined the Irene Goodman Literary Agency just as she was finishing her master’s degree in Fine … Continue reading

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Cara Black Latest Aimee Leduc Mystery.

The latest book is the best one, by far.  Aimee Leduc is good at what she does and sexy.  Her business partner and friend Rene, is the computer expert. All of the books choose a specific part of Paris to … Continue reading

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Off to Park Place Mall.

As many book aficionados know, Borders is closing its stores and just going to E-books.  There is a Borders in Park Place Mall in Tucson.  I had a suggestion to try and market Moriarty in Borders. Oh did that fall on … Continue reading

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July 10, 2011 Six Sentence Sunday.

I have introduced a new character to my novel, who will keep reappearing “Only one?  Monsieur, you need to buy her a bouquet.” “I would buy her a bouquet but we are going to dinner first.” “You are a very … Continue reading

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