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Lexington and Concord by George Daughan

If you’re an American, you learn about the first shots fired in the American Revolution.  This book concentrated on Massachusetts and what led up to those first shots.  It was more than guys dressed as Native Americans throwing tea in … Continue reading

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The First Battle of Southie September 12, 1974

I was inspired to write this, because my post “Southie is My Home Town,” gets the most hits on my blog.  I wrote this short story, may make this into a detective series, depending on interest.  Let me know what … Continue reading

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Major Tom Calling Ground Control.

This is how my partner in crime, Jillian, greeted me with an email one morning.  I thought poor Jillian was not on duty at Fagan Door, but floating somewhere in space, and I had to rescue her. No, she was … Continue reading

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Boston and Krakow

I would never have combined Boston and Krakow, until Rick Steves did in one of his books about Europe. The similarity is universities and student culture.  They are both intellectual centers, and not the political centers of their respective nations, … Continue reading

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What Should Happen to the Boston Bomber.

The race went off without a hitch.  It was important to me to watch the shows of the survivors making it through their rehab. If found guilty, (don’t want to assume), I don’t want him executed.  Why?  I thought about … Continue reading

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Reviews of Moriarty The Life and Times…

There are some nice reviews of my book Moriarty, The Life and Times of a Criminal Genius I would like to share.  They humble me, and I want to thank my reviewers.  It also means I did my job.  Now, … Continue reading

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The Boston Red Sox World Series Victory, for Some it Means More Than Baseball.

April 15, 2013 was the beginning of the season.  It was Patriots Day in Massachusetts and the Sox game had its traditional 10 AM start, so people could go down Boylston Street and watch the end of the Boston Marathon. … Continue reading

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