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Chicagoland, Episode Six. Gunshot Victims, Gunshot Repairmen, School Attendance and New Beginnings.

In this episode of Chicagoland, you got to see the survivors of being shot in South Side gang violence.  Then, down the assembly line to Dr. Dennis at Cook County Hospital.  It was nice to see Dr. Dennis and his … Continue reading

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If Putin Were on Chicagoland.

On the last episode of Chicagoland, the police were discussing keeping gang members out of the safe zones set up for students to go to school.  Transport this to Eastern Ukraine, where there’s been more trouble in the Donetsk region. … Continue reading

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Chicagoland, Episode Two.

Well they showed the Blackhawks defeating the Bruins for the Stanley Cup.  I was cheering for the Bruins, but we’ll let that pass. I miss my friend Joyce Gilbert.  She was the bookmobile coordinator for the Porter County Library System … Continue reading

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This is a new series on CNN, produced by Robert Redford.  It shows former Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel trying to make Chicago better, while dealing with protests over a plan to close fifty-four schools.  (The largest such closing … Continue reading

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I am African American, I Only Came Here to Shop.

In New York City, my hometown, Macys and Barney’s are in the proverbial kennel, I mean doghouse for profiling African-American shoppers. I thought of writing this, because I saw the story on Erin Burnett about Chris Brown being arrested again … Continue reading

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More Detailed Ideas I Had for the Future of American Football.

I’ve written before about American Football and what has been found out about the frequency of concussions. I can’t imagine the game going away, as it is such an interwoven part of United States culture.  For my non American friends, … Continue reading

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Zimmerman Verdict and Gang Violence.

You may think I am mad.  What could the two POSSIBLY have to do with each other. First I want to answer the Martin’s.  No, George Zimmerman should have stayed in the car. Why was he acquitted?  Because the way … Continue reading

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