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I’ve Seen the Apocalypse and It’s Detroit

I’ve been watching Anthony Bourdain’s new series.  He’s been to Detroit before, with Zamir, but not like this.      I’ve seen the apocalypse and it is Detroit.  I’ve been to Michigan, but not Detroit.  I’ve seen the images though. … Continue reading

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Ukraine Update.

Henry Kissinger and the German Defense Minister were on Fareed Zakaria today.  This is from the CNN transcripts and Fareed’s interview with them.  No comment needed from me, I can be sarcastic in another.   (END VIDEO CLIP)ZAKARIA: Late last … Continue reading

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Things Missing on CNN

Both stories are tragedies, and I am being sarcastic, but watching CNN you have two missing stories, Malaysian Flight 370, and the missing girls in Nigeria.  Noticing a pattern, but not a good one.  

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Malaysia Flight 370. The CNN Experts Slumber Party.

There’s nothing funny about what happened to those poor people.  John Cleese was asked in an interview, if there was something he could not be funny about.  His response?  Cancer.  He thought he couldn’t make cancer funny.  Maybe Gilda Radner … Continue reading

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Josef Joffe and Why America Will Stay on Top.

This is another recommendation from Fareed Zakaria of CNN.    I just finished his book, The Myth of America’s Decline. Maybe, we need to feel we are in jeopardy, so we can be motivated to achieve.  Not saying we don’t have … Continue reading

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Chicagoland Episode Four. Mentoring.

The theme for episode four of Chicagoland seems to be Mentoring.  Mayor Rahm Emanuel mentoring a young man playing basketball.  The young man ends up an intern in the Mayor’s office. Fenger High School Principal Elizabeth Dozier isn’t so lucky … Continue reading

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Putin vs. Obama.

Putin vs. Obama.  If you buy, Myers-Briggs, Putin is an INTJ, Obama an ENFP. President Obama to a degree depends on his charisma winning people over.  Problem is, with Putin, he’s bringing persuasion to a chess match. I suspect Obama … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Don Lemon of CNN

Dear Mr. Lemon, I was watching, when you became angry over the verdict in the “Loud Music”  trial.  When you told the story about the person questioning your right to be in your neighborhood,  you certainly had the right to … Continue reading

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The New Yankee Invasion.

“What in the world?” Scarlett cried angrily.  She pointed a well manicured finger at the frozen fountain in front of her house.  “It’s soooooo cold.  How can this be?” Rhett rolled his eyes.  (Well, married to Scarlett somedays, it’s a … Continue reading

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Anthony Bourdain in South Africa.

This time, on his CNN show, he was in South Africa.  I’ve been there, but that was seventeen years ago.  It is a long way from home, that’s for sure. Anthony Bourdain spoke of hope in South Africa.  I am … Continue reading

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