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My DNA Journey, What I’ve Learned So Far.

This is a chance to catch up.  I have had my DNA results from Ancestry.com for one month now.  I’m looking forward to the journey ahead. There are still more answers to discover.  Much of what I can figure out … Continue reading

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Eastern European Jewish Chartons Everywhere!

Sounds like an invasion.  Growing up, we were led to believe Charton was an unusual surname, except in France. We always figured on the soldier in Napoleon’s Army who deserted.  Last Saturday, when I was doing the research at the … Continue reading

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A Baseball Team for Eastern Europeans.

Eastern Europe has had a turbulent history.  Constant war, invasion, being part of someone else’s empire etc. Much of how my life goes involves baseball.  Not really a surprise, for those who know me. I thought for a warped moment … Continue reading

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Eastern Europeans.

When I received my DNA from Ancestry.Com.  I found out I am 2% undetermined, and 23% Eastern European.  I will start with the 2% undetermined.  A friend, had her DNA tested by both Ancestry.Com and the National Geographic Genome Project. … Continue reading

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My Initial Ancestry.com Results.

Well, I have received basic results.  I am 75% European Jewish, 23% Eastern European and 2% undetermined.   My friend Carolyn calls this the “Mutt Factor.”  I am sure of limited French and Mongol ancestry, but now have some basis. … Continue reading

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I’m Here, Where Are You?

I’ve been writing about the series The Bible.  In the last post, I wrote about the trials and tribulations of the Jewish people having issues with invaders. The narrator Keith David said the Romans were the worst?  For then, yes. … Continue reading

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Tough Jews

I’m thinking of writing a novel based on the 1930’s Brooklyn crime syndicate Murder Incorporated.  Tough Jews was written in 1998 by Rich Cohen, son of Herbie Cohen who wrote You Can Negotiate Anything. This is not to push the … Continue reading

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