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Mosquitoes and Biological Warfare.

Mosquitoes are whining summer pests.  In Minnesota, they’re called the Air Force. The Luftwaffe is probably more like it. I am showing a humorous vein here; but there is some lack of humor.  A friend has Malaria, and I wish … Continue reading

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Mankind’s Origins.

We now know mankind originated in East Africa.  It was hardly the Garden of Eden; as mankind were hunter gatherers.  There were a lot of Adam and Eves, but certainly no life of leisure. Then the population was fruitful and … Continue reading

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African Exploration and/or Safari.

When I published my recent book, The Search for Livingstone, I wanted to write something,that wasn’t about the book, but a little of African exploration and how I got there. For the joy of it, I was doing research on … Continue reading

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