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Scottish Independence Vote, September 18th

June 24th will be the 700th Anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn.  On September 18th, there will be another battle.  A battle for something that hasn’t existed since 1707.  Will Scotland become an independent nation again.  There is no longer … Continue reading

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Reviews of Moriarty The Life and Times…

There are some nice reviews of my book Moriarty, The Life and Times of a Criminal Genius I would like to share.  They humble me, and I want to thank my reviewers.  It also means I did my job.  Now, … Continue reading

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That I Should Rise and You Should Not

That I Should Rise and You Should Not. From my friend Loretto about being an immigrant from Ireland, to the United States.

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How Ireland will Conquer the World or the Irish Charm Offensive.

Ireland conquering the world?  Tiny Ireland?  Maybe tiny in size, but not with influence. Eighty million people in the world are at least part Irish.  I like to say, I’m an IBM.  (Irish by Marriage). I’ve been reading all sorts … Continue reading

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The Jewish Diaspora is just one of many, in which more live outside the original homeland, than in it. The most extreme is Ireland.  Only five percent of the world’s Irish population LIVES in Ireland.  Half of the 80 million … Continue reading

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Why Ireland Should BEG to rejoin the United Kingdom!

I understand the centuries of repression by the island across the channel.  Has joining the European Union done any better for Ireland? See the blogpost by my friend Loretto Horrigan Leary on a recent outrage in Ireland.  The title is … Continue reading

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Why Did You Leave Ireland?

  This is an interview I did with my friend Loretto Horrigan Leary.  I have a link to another interview with her on the bottom of this piece.  The Irish Diaspora has been covered heavily, but I am trying to … Continue reading

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