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Charlie Daniels

Some of this is more than a book review.  It’s a personal take on some of the historical and current events Charlie Daniels talks about in his book.  I may disagree with some, the reader may disagree, but he has … Continue reading

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The Future of the Jews. עתידם של היהודים.

With the war and Gaza and anti-Jewish protests everywhere, I thought now was the time to write this. Sounds dire, doesn’t it?  Most of this is philosophical and asking questions with a little silliness at the end. You are a … Continue reading

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Hamas and Comparisons. חמאס והשוואות.

I was on the phone with my Mom.   We were discussing Gaza and Hamas.  I have a friend, who has a friend in US Intelligence.  His take on Hamas is that, they are not strong enough to carry out … Continue reading

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Selling the Jewish Brand

In this modern era, companies, agencies, etc. discuss branding.  As we’re seeing the usual Anti-Semitic canards, why don’t we turn this around.  What do non-Jews worldwide like about Jews and Judaism? I need to take time out to discuss converts.  … Continue reading

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Goliath, by Max Blumenthal or Mr. Israel, Please Report to Principal Blumenthal’s Office, NOW!

Mr. Israel, please report to Principal Blumenthal’s office. Young Israel entered the office to find his mother seated there.  She looked displeased; then hell hath no fury like a Jewish Mother scorned. “Sit down, Mr. Israel,”  Principal Blumenthal said, pointing … Continue reading

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Comments on The Chosen People

This is from several historical figures.  Nothing I can add to this. It is plain that we exist for our fellow man — in the first place for those upon whose smiles and welfare our happiness depends, and next for all … Continue reading

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Jews on Mars?

Jews on Mars?  Look @ this as part silly, part who knows?  We now know Israel has natural gas and oil in the Mediterrenean.  OK, so Moses go that part right! We have been chased out of so many places, … Continue reading

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