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Charlie Daniels

Some of this is more than a book review.  It’s a personal take on some of the historical and current events Charlie Daniels talks about in his book.  I may disagree with some, the reader may disagree, but he has … Continue reading

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The Crucifixion

I’m thinking about this on this Easter Weekend.  Much of this will be my usual offbeat sense of humor (What my lifelong friend and adopted sister, Bonnie Lyons-Cohen calls my bizarre sense of humor.  There, I said it)! 🙂 The … Continue reading

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The Bible on History Channel Part 3, Babylon to Jesus.

Of course, this is done with my silly and offbeat take. Babylon to Jesus is a long haul in the Bible.  After Nebuchadnezzar went mad and lost Babylon to the Persians, the Persian Emperor Cyrus on false information threw Daniel … Continue reading

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The Three Wise Men.

No, not those three wise men. The year is 1975.  The apartment is buzzing with two visiting Chemists, one from England, one from Poland and my father.  They are going to visit the man whose equation they’ve devoted their chemical … Continue reading

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