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Things Missing on CNN

Both stories are tragedies, and I am being sarcastic, but watching CNN you have two missing stories, Malaysian Flight 370, and the missing girls in Nigeria.  Noticing a pattern, but not a good one.  

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Could China and Malaysia Go to War Over Flight 370?

Still looking for the plane.  Knowing some Asian history, I have to wonder (hopefully, I’m wrong), that China and Malaysia could go to war over Flight 370.  As I’ve stated before, wars have started over less. Exactly a century ago, … Continue reading

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Malaysian Airways Flight 370: Sense and Sensitivity.

Malaysian Airways Flight 370, sense and sensitivity.  I decided to have a play on words, with a Jane Austen title. The Government of Malaysia has been flat footed and behind the eight ball from the get go.  I liked the … Continue reading

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