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Lexington and Concord by George Daughan

If you’re an American, you learn about the first shots fired in the American Revolution.  This book concentrated on Massachusetts and what led up to those first shots.  It was more than guys dressed as Native Americans throwing tea in … Continue reading

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The Boston Red Sox World Series Victory, for Some it Means More Than Baseball.

April 15, 2013 was the beginning of the season.  It was Patriots Day in Massachusetts and the Sox game had its traditional 10 AM start, so people could go down Boylston Street and watch the end of the Boston Marathon. … Continue reading

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Eastern Massachusetts Can Let of Steam.

The major difference between 9/11 and what happened in Boston.  Technology.  In the past, this investigation might have gone on for quite a while. Starting with the Bruins Stanley Cup win in Vancouver, some knuckleheads rioted.  People used their cell … Continue reading

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Camp Molecule.

Camp Molecule is better known as summer camp for chemists.  Every other year ending with an odd number, conferences in different scientific disciplines are held across New Hampshire.  They’re known as Gordon Conferences.     You can see from the … Continue reading

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Paul Joseph MacCormack, July 11 1930-November 8,2011, Rest in Peace.

Paul J. MacCormack was my father in law.  He passed at the age of 81 this past Tuesday.  He was in my life for 28 years and I  miss him. I met him for the first time at my youngest … Continue reading

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How the Irish Conquered Boston.

Without firing a shot, no less.  I remember a long time ago, a commercial for the Massachusetts State Lottery for their major game Megabucks.  The scene is the board meeting and the cleaning lady.  The cleaning lady wins Megabucks.  She … Continue reading

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