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Putin Calls Obama

President Putin telephoned President Obama.  “Are you calling, because you see the error of your ways, Vladimir?  Are you going to play nice with the other children?” Putin wished Obama could see the smirk on this face.    It was like … Continue reading

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Putin vs. Obama.

Putin vs. Obama.  If you buy, Myers-Briggs, Putin is an INTJ, Obama an ENFP. President Obama to a degree depends on his charisma winning people over.  Problem is, with Putin, he’s bringing persuasion to a chess match. I suspect Obama … Continue reading

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Assad Time Magazine and Israeli Saudi Rapproachment?

I was reading Time Magazine’s Man of the Year issues on the flight home.  They had Syrian President Bashar al-Assad as choice number four.  If it were not so horrific, it would be a bit like having Darth Vader.  (Luke, … Continue reading

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If I ran Syria.

If I ran Syria.  Used it in the same vein as Dr. Seuss‘ If I Ran the Zoo.  For Syria is a zoo at the moment with human animals on both sides. If I were Assad and President Obama attacks … Continue reading

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The George Zimmerman Trial Is Not the Center of the World by Diana Chen.

Diana Chen writes for an online magazine called PolicyMic Her contention is; why with all that is going on in the world were Americans so focused on the George Zimmerman trial. Ms Chen says we are utterly engrossed in ourselves … Continue reading

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President Obama and the National Rifle Association: A Way to Work Together.

You may think I’m mad.  Maybe, but think this one through.  The President has the authority to have deeper Federal enforcement of background checks for buying a gun and having public service spots and educational programs run by the Secretaries … Continue reading

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Malia Obama

Now that President Obama has been reelected, I realized Malia Obama will be a high school student in the White House.  Can you imagine when she starts dating, her prom? The parents of the young man who want to date … Continue reading

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