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Ukraine Update.

Henry Kissinger and the German Defense Minister were on Fareed Zakaria today.  This is from the CNN transcripts and Fareed’s interview with them.  No comment needed from me, I can be sarcastic in another.   (END VIDEO CLIP)ZAKARIA: Late last … Continue reading

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Putin Calls Obama

President Putin telephoned President Obama.  “Are you calling, because you see the error of your ways, Vladimir?  Are you going to play nice with the other children?” Putin wished Obama could see the smirk on this face.    It was like … Continue reading

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Putin vs. Obama.

Putin vs. Obama.  If you buy, Myers-Briggs, Putin is an INTJ, Obama an ENFP. President Obama to a degree depends on his charisma winning people over.  Problem is, with Putin, he’s bringing persuasion to a chess match. I suspect Obama … Continue reading

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Sherlock Holmes Professor Moriarty, Vladimir Putin and Whitey Bulger ?!

Click on Myers-Briggs INTJ.  That’s what started it.  Whether Myers-Briggs is useful is for another discussion. This is how I combined Sherlock Holmes, Professor Moriarty,Vladimir Putin, and Whitey Bulger in the same post. I am trying to imagine the four way chess … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Don Lemon of CNN

Dear Mr. Lemon, I was watching, when you became angry over the verdict in the “Loud Music”  trial.  When you told the story about the person questioning your right to be in your neighborhood,  you certainly had the right to … Continue reading

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Assad Time Magazine and Israeli Saudi Rapproachment?

I was reading Time Magazine’s Man of the Year issues on the flight home.  They had Syrian President Bashar al-Assad as choice number four.  If it were not so horrific, it would be a bit like having Darth Vader.  (Luke, … Continue reading

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July 30th, 2011 Morning Coffee.

The big topics at coffee were the ongoing debt ceiling battle in Congress and the National Football League. The debt because most of these women are on ‘Social Security and are afraid, they will not received their checks. Football, because … Continue reading

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