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Some Jewish Humor.

The first was in the Amy Chua, Jed Rubenfeld book, The Triple Package on page 107.  This is from historian Lawrence J. Epstein. A Jewish woman is elected President of the United States.  She wants her mother to come to … Continue reading

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More on the Kidnapped Girls in Nigeria.

I wasn’t going to post this.  A friend posted a picture on Facebook, which I shared on my page, but Anjali encouraged me to do this so I am. When I saw the Nightly News on PBS last night, I … Continue reading

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Is the United States an Oligarchy?

Click on Telegraph to read the article in the British newspaper.  Is the United States an oligarchy?  Click on Wikipedia, where we are listed as one. From the study mentioned in the Telegraph and in Wikipedia, you can say, the … Continue reading

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Is This Condi Rice’s Time?

I “Liked” the Condoleeza Rice for President 2016 page on Facebook, because I was curious.  She keeps saying she isn’t running and I wondered, was she changing her mind and if not, what would it take her to run.   … Continue reading

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Condi Rice for President?

 This isn’t new.  People tried to get her to run in ’08, (Vladimir Putin being one of them).   This is not a post, I would have thought of writing normally, but I have been tweaking Vladimir Putin lately and … Continue reading

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I am African American, I Only Came Here to Shop.

In New York City, my hometown, Macys and Barney’s are in the proverbial kennel, I mean doghouse for profiling African-American shoppers. I thought of writing this, because I saw the story on Erin Burnett about Chris Brown being arrested again … Continue reading

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A House Divided Cannot Stand.

A House Divided Cannot Stand.  You have Abraham Lincoln giving that amazing speech.  The subject came up today when I asked my friend Jillian about what she would do if she were President.  (She would make it could one, just … Continue reading

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