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Charlie Daniels

Some of this is more than a book review.  It’s a personal take on some of the historical and current events Charlie Daniels talks about in his book.  I may disagree with some, the reader may disagree, but he has … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Rebecca Carroll of the Guardian.

Dear Ms. Carroll, The Guardian is one of my favorite publications and I’ve been following the story in Ferguson, Missouri.  I wanted to take this opportunity to answer some of the points in your post. Well I am considered “white.” … Continue reading

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Ah Sarcasm and H.L. Mencken.

I scared myself.  With my sarcastic look at life, I may grow up to be the Twenty-first Century H.L. Mencken.    Mencken, the scribe of Baltimore.  (There have been other Baltimore scribes, they do have a newspaper you know, it’s … Continue reading

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Moriarty Diary of a Criminal Genius-Racism in the Book.

The 19th Century was full of racism, Irish vs. English and African-Americans vs Irish Americans.  I used words like mick and nigger.  Hard to do. My first beta reader is a psychologist and friend, who happens to be African-American.  I … Continue reading

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