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A 9/11 Letter to a South African

Dear Mary, Thank you for your interest in my 9/11 story, when I responded about this on Twitter.  I see you’re from Pretoria, a city I’ve been to.  Thank you again. I’ll start with the following:  Where I grew up … Continue reading

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Saguaro Romance Writers Meeting April 26th, 2014, Firefighter Tony Cota.

This is the blurb from Facebook we had for the meeting.   Chapter Meeting April 26, 2014: DANGEROUS MEN!This month marks our annual “Dangerous Jobs” meeting, where we bring in speakers who experience the sort of adventure we writers like to put … Continue reading

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My September 11th.

I swore I would never write this, but my friends in Naughty Romance Writers asked me to. I watched stunned from a New Jersey cliffside.  Those buildings were a part of my life.  I grew up in the Brooklyn Heights … Continue reading

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