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A Silly Look @ Canadian/United States Relations.

You can read all sorts of academic treatises on this topic or read the simple every day version here.  Please feel free to throw darts. The young Canadian lady is seated on a crowded bus, reading a book.  Four American women … Continue reading

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Writing a Book about Rwanda

Starting next month, I am helping a work buddy write his memoirs about leaving Rwanda, during the 1994 war.  I will have my questions, What questions would you like to ask?   If any duplication, please excuse, I am updating the … Continue reading

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Don’t Want to Be a Refuge and Wander the Earth.

Jews throughout history know this feeling all too well.  This was brought up Friday, by my work buddy Anastase, who’s from Rwanda.  I’m reading a book by a Rwandan exile named Louise Mushikiwabo called Rwanda Means the Universe. Anastase said … Continue reading

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Is the United States an Oligarchy?

Click on Telegraph to read the article in the British newspaper.  Is the United States an oligarchy?  Click on Wikipedia, where we are listed as one. From the study mentioned in the Telegraph and in Wikipedia, you can say, the … Continue reading

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Putin Calls Obama

President Putin telephoned President Obama.  “Are you calling, because you see the error of your ways, Vladimir?  Are you going to play nice with the other children?” Putin wished Obama could see the smirk on this face.    It was like … Continue reading

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I am Malala

Malala Yousafzai was a fifteen year old, doing what fifteen year old teenagers do worldwide.  Go to school.  On Tuesday, October 12th, 2012, her world changed completely. The United States has had its fill of high school students being attacked … Continue reading

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Super Bowl, Another View.

Many people are going to report on the Seahawks thumping of the hapless Broncos.  Many will talk about the commercials, (This year, to quote Shania Twain), “That don’t impress me much.” OK,  I want to use this chance to write … Continue reading

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