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Snooki Can Speak at Rutgers, but not Condi Rice.

Click on the New York Post  One Rutgers student said it best.  They could have paid her with a case of beer. The Rutgers Administration should be embarrassed.  Yes, I know it is Jersey, Snooki is a Jersey native.  I … Continue reading

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Is This Condi Rice’s Time?

I “Liked” the Condoleeza Rice for President 2016 page on Facebook, because I was curious.  She keeps saying she isn’t running and I wondered, was she changing her mind and if not, what would it take her to run.   … Continue reading

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Condi Rice for President?

 This isn’t new.  People tried to get her to run in ’08, (Vladimir Putin being one of them).   This is not a post, I would have thought of writing normally, but I have been tweaking Vladimir Putin lately and … Continue reading

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The Condi and Vlad Show.

In a previous post, I mentioned Condi Rice being sent to negotiate with Vladimir Putin.  As they are friends and to use Myers-Briggs terminology (whether you believe in it or not), both INTJ’s,   It would be an interesting chess match. … Continue reading

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