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Nicholas Wade A Troublesome InheritanceA

I enjoyed the book, and am having fun take notes.  I enjoyed the excerpt in Time Magazine from Nicholas Wade’s book and was looking forward to reading the entire book. My disclaimer.  I’m not an expert on genetics, just an … Continue reading

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A Tongue in Cheek History of Ireland

Many of my readers have read my History Made Fun stuff.  I want to travel to Ireland and thought I would do my tongue in cheek Irish History. Why am I writing this?  I’m Jewish, not Irish. According to DNA, … Continue reading

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Race and Genetics Time Magazine.

Click on Time Magazine for the article.  I’ve written before about Genetics and Politics.  What about Genetics and History?  The author is the former New York Times Science Editor, Nicholas Wade.   Take a look at the following passage from … Continue reading

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Political Science and the Brain

I just finished a book by three political science professors, John R. Hibbing, Kevin B. Smith and John R. Alford, called Predisposed, Liberals, Conservatives and the Biology of Political Differences. First I will start with their talk about City College … Continue reading

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Jews on Mars?

Jews on Mars?  Look @ this as part silly, part who knows?  We now know Israel has natural gas and oil in the Mediterrenean.  OK, so Moses go that part right! We have been chased out of so many places, … Continue reading

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My DNA Journey, What I’ve Learned So Far.

This is a chance to catch up.  I have had my DNA results from for one month now.  I’m looking forward to the journey ahead. There are still more answers to discover.  Much of what I can figure out … Continue reading

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DNA Journey Uses and Abuses.

As with anything else there are good sides to the DNA journey and bad sides. Good sides, besides being fun, eventually can try other things to check on health. Bad side.  Anti-Semites can now say we are a race.  Well … Continue reading

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