We Are All The Baggage We Carry.

Official seal of Newtown, Connecticut

Official seal of Newtown, Connecticut (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are all the baggage we carry.  I called my mother tonight, depressed and angry, about the shootings in Connecticut.  (I didn’t realize until tonight, my mother has an old friend in Newtown, Connecticut.  I knew she lived in Connecticut, but not where).

I didn’t know until tonight, as with my wife, my grandmother (mothers grandmother), died when my grandma was a teenager.  In the book Monty Python member John Cleese wrote with his therapist Dr. Robin Skynner Familes and How to Survive Them, they discussed in the beginning of the book, how people meet and mate.  (Hey I liked the word combination). 🙂  OK, how do they meet and connect?  Are there subliminal signals we aren’t aware of?  In other words, opposites attract isn’t really true.  Or rather, opposites on the surface maybe, but similar underneath.  My second book An Affair of the Heart has an interracial romance.  If the underneath is true, the surface doesn’t matter.  Then again, we know by DNA, the concept of race is totally irrelevant.  My father always said people are individuals and he was right.  It is the interior stuff we are now learning about.

We are all a product of our pasts going all the way back to the first ten thousand humans in East Africa all those tens of thousands of years ago.

I thought about this, because of something one of the people in our complex brought up at coffee today.  Yesterday, I wrote about the kids who survived.  But Slade brought up this morning, what about the parents who lost kids and have gifts under the Christmas Tree for them.  My wife Elaine suggested the following:  Each grieving family has a Connecticut State Trooper assigned to them as a liaison.  Have that trooper take the gift and quietly donate it.

Then there are the survivors.  We are ALL the baggage we carry.



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