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Antoinette Tuff

You didn’t think anyone could write anymore about Antoinette Tuff.  I wasn’t going to, but will now. I have good memories of Decatur, Georgia and my attending the Moonlight and Magnolia Writers conference in 2011.  I was saddened by what … Continue reading

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Newtown, Connecticut and Gun Control.

I’m watching CNN and Piers Morgan is having his town hall meeting about gun control. Number one, whatever is done, we now need a base of Federal Laws for the citizens to vote on.  A constitutional amendment may not be … Continue reading

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We Are All The Baggage We Carry.

We are all the baggage we carry.  I called my mother tonight, depressed and angry, about the shootings in Connecticut.  (I didn’t realize until tonight, my mother has an old friend in Newtown, Connecticut.  I knew she lived in Connecticut, … Continue reading

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Who Shoots Kindergarten Kids?

I wasn’t going to post anything about this.  The news have covered it to death, as they do anything like this.  Who shoots Kindergarten kids though? I don’t care how mentally ill he was.  What the hell could a five … Continue reading

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