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Malaysia Flight 370. The CNN Experts Slumber Party.

There’s nothing funny about what happened to those poor people.  John Cleese was asked in an interview, if there was something he could not be funny about.  His response?  Cancer.  He thought he couldn’t make cancer funny.  Maybe Gilda Radner … Continue reading

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Irish with Sticks.

Irish with sticks?  What kind of talk is that?  (I got the second sentence from the Monty Python skit, where John Cleese plays the dead parrot owner and Michael Palin, the pet store owner.  “He’s pining for the fjords.”  “Pining … Continue reading

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The Bible on History Channel Part 3, Babylon to Jesus.

Of course, this is done with my silly and offbeat take. Babylon to Jesus is a long haul in the Bible.  After Nebuchadnezzar went mad and lost Babylon to the Persians, the Persian Emperor Cyrus on false information threw Daniel … Continue reading

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We Are All The Baggage We Carry.

We are all the baggage we carry.  I called my mother tonight, depressed and angry, about the shootings in Connecticut.  (I didn’t realize until tonight, my mother has an old friend in Newtown, Connecticut.  I knew she lived in Connecticut, … Continue reading

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The Naughty Philosopher Weighing in on Gay and Interracial Romance.

I will start with gay romance.  This was the hardest for me to get my mind around.  You could have called me a homophobe when I was younger.  I feared being associated with gays.  If you socialized with them, did … Continue reading

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