Newtown, Connecticut and Gun Control.

Philadelphia - Old City: Second Bank Portrait ...

Philadelphia – Old City: Second Bank Portrait Gallery – James Madison (Photo credit: wallyg)

I’m watching CNN and Piers Morgan is having his town hall meeting about gun control.

Number one, whatever is done, we now need a base of Federal Laws for the citizens to vote on.  A constitutional amendment may not be a bad idea.

When the Second Amendment was created, 90% of the population was rural and had muskets.  Assault rifles never occurred to anyone.

At the least, there should be a Federal background check for mental illness, maybe even a psychiatric exam and a felony check.

I’ve read some think if the principal and school psychologist had been armed, this might have been prevented.  Well, maybe.  Would they have been trained well enough in a crisis situation that’s hard enough for law enforcement?

Maybe we don’t have to ban assault weapons, but you can only have them under the following conditions:  You have to use them at an authorized range and you live your gun there.  A bit like the training of the Swiss Army.

Maybe there should be levels of training and constant re qualification.  Certain people would be really advanced.

May post more down the road.



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